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What is RenBTC (RENBTC)?

RenBTC is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, pegged to the value of Bitcoin. Each RenBTC can be redeemed for one Bitcoin, thereby maintaining its value closely aligned with the Bitcoin market rate. RenBTC is created on the Ren platform, an open protocol offering access to inter-blockchain liquidity and enabling assets from other blockchains to be utilized in Ethereum decentralized applications (DApps). The primary cryptocurrencies supported include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Zcash (ZEC).

RenBTC competes directly with Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) and is minted via RenVM, which secures assets and mints an equivalent amount of renBTC tokens on Ethereum. RenBTC is not a synthetic token but a direct supply peg, with enough BTC reserves always available to cover circulating renBTC supply. Redeeming renBTC involves sending the tokens back to RenVM, which releases native Bitcoin to the user's address and destroys the renBTC tokens.

You can also get for your own portfolio renBTC tokens on, CEX.IO, DODO (Polygon), Bancor Network, and Honeyswap.

Who are the founders of RenBTC?

RenBTC was founded by Taiyang Zhang, who also founded KeeperDAO and co-founded Virgil Capital. The Ren team includes CTO Loong Wang and over 30 other individuals.

What makes RenBTC unique?

RenBTC stands out due to its fluid value exchange and decentralized network of Darknodes. Users can mint and burn tokens without completing KYC, while RenVM can be integrated into various DApps using specialized adapters. RenBTC operates on the secure Ethereum network, with ERC-20 RenBTC tokens maintained by Ethereum miners. The RenVM protocol uses a secure multiparty computation system, with Darknodes staking 100,000 REN tokens as collateral and earning fees to power the renBTC network.

RenBTC (RENBTC) Pros and Cons


  • Pegged to Bitcoin value
  • Decentralized network of Darknodes
  • No KYC requirement for minting and burning tokens
  • Direct integration into decentralized applications


  • Centralization concerns over Darknodes and the potential for control by a small group of users
  • Limited liquidity and adoption
  • Cross-Chain Interoperability concerns
  • Code is not open source

RenBTC (RENBTC) Review

RenBTC offers a unique and decentralized solution for bringing Bitcoin liquidity to Ethereum-based DApps. Its fluid value exchange and seamless integration into various DApps set it apart from competitors like Wrapped Bitcoin.

The renBTC token is issued by the Ren Protocol, which relies on a decentralized network of nodes called Darknodes. However, there are concerns about the centralization of these Darknodes and the potential for control over the minting and burning of renBTC by a small group of participants. Additionally, its lower liquidity and adoption compared to its competitors could limit its utility in DeFi applications. Since renBTC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, it requires users to convert their Bitcoin to renBTC and vice versa, adding an extra layer of complexity and potential fees.

It's also worth highlighting that the project is not open source. While this tactic may be valid, as they might be hiding their unique technology within its smart contract, it is also equally valid to be cautious, as the code might contain risky malware. Our security review also found multiple untracked tokens associated with the project, as well as a trade pause function on one of its contracts.

The trade-pause function seems to be performing as intended, but it might result in security issues down the road. Our aim is to ensure you are aware of these features and decide on the level of risk you're willing to accept.

Is RenBTC (RENBTC) a Scam?

There seems to be no indication that RenBTC or its platform is a scam. It is essentially a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain, created and managed by the Ren project. The project has a comprehensive whitepaper detailing the protocol's commitment to its decentralized operations and secure multiparty computation. They are continuing to support the project to this day thus further adding credibility to their mission.

But as with any investment undertaking, potential users and investors should cultivate the practice of doing their own research (DYOR). Taking the time to study the project, its team, and its goals will help you identify and balance the risks involved prior to investing. The crypto world is rife with scams, which highlights the importance of these practices in avoiding detrimental investment decisions.

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