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What is Morpheus Network (MNW)?

Morpheus Network transforms supply chain management by offering a SaaS middleware platform that seamlessly integrates legacy and emerging technologies. This platform equips supply chain managers with a Digital Footprint, granting them visibility into shipments and items, and enabling the automation of secure and efficient supply chains.

With Morpheus Network's process automation functions, each step in the supply chain becomes a conditionally triggered event. The foundation of these event triggers are "automated workflows" or smart contracts – conditionally executable coded actions like payments and data transfers – deployed on a Blockchain layer. This Blockchain backend ensures immutable data, facilitates data exchange between parties, and establishes a trustworthy data notarization layer for the deployment of AI, ML, or RPA algorithms.

The MNW token serves as the fuel for Morpheus Network's automation platform, enabling predetermined events to be executed as smart contracts, such as generating shipping and customs documents or initiating international payments. The token is used to pay for transaction fees for data notarization and transmission.

You can check the latest Morpheus price on exchanges, KuCoin, and Bittrex.

Morpheus Network Pros and Cons


  • Streamlines supply chain management with a SaaS middleware platform.
  • Seamlessly integrates legacy and emerging technologies.
  • Provides a Digital Footprint for improved shipment and item visibility.
  • Enables secure supply chain automation.


  • Adoption and success depend on supply chain managers' willingness to integrate the platform.
  • Must integrate seamlessly with existing supply chain management systems. This may involve working with legacy systems and technologies, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Morpheus Network Review

Morpheus Network presents an innovative solution for optimizing supply chains with its SaaS middleware platform. By integrating both legacy and emerging technologies, supply chain managers can achieve increased visibility and automation in their operations. As the platform gains adoption, it has the potential to become a significant player in the supply chain management sector.

Our security review also uncovered a hidden owner on the project, a trade-pause function, and a function that allows contract owners to blacklist addresses.

Although these features can be used in a secure manner for the safeguarding of the project, they may create security risks in the future. We consider it vital for you to be aware of their presence and evaluate the degree of risk you're willing to assume.

Is Morpheus Network a Scam?

Morpheus Network doesn't seem to be a scam; it is a project aimed at optimizing supply chains by providing a SaaS middleware platform for seamless technology integration and improved supply chain management. Morpheus Network demonstrates its commitment and focus on enhancing supply chain processes to deliver a valuable and useful platform to its users.

As with all investments, potential users and investors should make it a habit to conduct their own research (DYOR). By scrutinizing the project, the team, and their goals, you can identify and manage risks before deciding to invest. The crypto space is notorious for scams, making these practices crucial in safeguarding against ill-advised investment decisions.

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