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What Is Elon Goat (EGT)?

Elon GOAT Token, also known as EGT, is a cryptocurrency project that has gained global attention since its launch in January 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain. The token’s unique marketing strategy, which was aimed at grabbing the attention of Elon Musk, drew over 1750 Telegram users on a live call on the launch day, resulting in a $39 million dollar market cap.

EGT’s marketing team took a bold step by building a $600,000 monument on a semi-trailer to honor Elon Musk's contributions to the world of cryptocurrency. This viral marketing campaign resulted in EGT touring several states in the USA and receiving mass media attention and fanfare. The team also made a significant effort to gift Elon GOAT to Elon Musk during his visit to Austin.

The project's ambitious plans include launching EGT PRO's merchant processing solutions in 2023 and providing access to buy EGT for those new to crypto through multiple centralized exchange listings. This will enable EGT to reach a broader audience and create more use cases for the token.

EGT's future looks bright, with its unique approach to marketing and innovative solutions for the crypto space. In addition, the founders of Elon GOAT Token have also stated that they are working on developing true utility in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. They aim to achieve this by allowing for the migration of smart contracts from the Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum blockchain.

The team's commitment to building a strong connection with Elon Musk and his fan base could result in further growth for the project. Overall, EGT has quickly become a significant player in the cryptocurrency space and is worth keeping an eye on for anyone interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving industry.

If you're interested in purchasing Elon GOAT at the present price, the primary marketplace for trading Elon GOAT shares is currently Uniswap v2.

Elon Goat Price And Founders

Elon GOAT Token, or EGT, was created by a team of enthusiasts led by Ashley Sansalone, who describes himself as a superfan of Elon Musk. Along with her colleagues Alec Wolvert and Richie Latimer, Sansalone created a monument to honor Musk and promote EGT. 

As of this writing, the price of EGT is subject to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. However, the project's viral marketing campaign and ambitious plans for the future have attracted significant attention from crypto investors and enthusiasts alike.

What Makes Elon Goat Unique?

Elon GOAT Token is unique for its unconventional marketing strategy that involves creating a $600,000 monument to honor Elon Musk and generate attention for the project. The team's efforts have resulted in widespread media coverage and a significant following, highlighting the power of creative marketing in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, EGT's plans to migrate smart contracts from Binance Smart Chain to the Ethereum blockchain demonstrate a commitment to expanding the utility of the token and creating real-world use cases. Overall, Elon GOAT Token is a project that stands out for its innovative approach and ambitious goals.

Elon Goat Pros And Cons


  • Elon GOAT Token has generated significant attention and media coverage, which may increase its visibility and attract new investors.


  • Code is not Open Source.
  • Its verification status is unknown, meaning its authenticity is not guaranteed.
  • The unique marketing strategy may not appeal to all investors or may be perceived as gimmicky, which could limit the long-term potential of the project.

Elon Goat Token Review

EGT has garnered a lot of attention since its launch, and we decided to do a thorough security analysis after some concerns have been raised about its legitimacy. But, keep in mind that in FRAUDL security review, we highlight risks that are dealbreakers for some but only annoyances for others.

One potential red flag is the lack of verification for EGT's NFTs, which could be a sign of a honeypot scam. Additionally, the fact that the contract code for EGT is not open source means that potential investors cannot assess the project's security vulnerabilities, which is a cause for concern.

It's worth noting that there may be valid reasons for not open-sourcing code, such as the need to protect intellectual property or sensitive data. However, the lack of transparency around EGT's code and NFT verification status should be considered carefully by potential investors.

Is Elon Goat Token A Scam?

Based on security analysis, there is a possibility that EGT could be a scam. 

The lack of verification for EGT's NFTs and the fact that the contract code is not open source are potential red flags that investors should be aware of. While there may be valid reasons for these issues, investors should exercise caution and thoroughly research the project before investing any funds. 

Ultimately, it's up to each individual to assess the risks involved and make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in EGT.

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