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What is Dent (DENT)?

Introduced in 2017, Dent is a groundbreaking mobile network provider that presents eSIM cards, mobile data packages, call credit refills, and a seamless experience without roaming charges. Utilizing blockchain technology, Dent aspires to establish a worldwide platform for the open exchange of mobile data services.

The firm has set forth an impressive growth strategy, aiming to extend its offerings to additional regions. Garnering a user base of over 25 million mobile device users, Dent's solutions are available in over 140 nations worldwide. Among the distinguished corporate collaborations Dent has established are alliances with Samsung Blockchain, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Telecom Infra.

Dent's Founders

DENT Wireless was founded by Tero Katajainen, who holds a master's degree in sciences from Tampere University of Technology. Katajainen's diverse experience includes serving as a senior Java/Android consultant for the United Nations and founding Pocket Indian Software Solutions.

Mikko Linnamäki, one of the founding members of DENT Wireless, has built a prosperous career as an entrepreneur and businessperson since the turn of the millennium. As a continuous online entrepreneur and a trailblazer in the realm of internet software, Linnamäki has participated in several thriving enterprises, such as Smartseed GmbH and DEVCOT.

What Sets Dent Apart?

Dent is a groundbreaking force in the mobile communications and data services market. With nearly half of the world's population facing limited access to mobile services due to high prices from traditional carriers, Dent leverages blockchain technology to provide global access to mobile airtime and data.

By becoming a global digital mobile operator, Dent removes roaming fees and introduces international mobile plans tailored to the needs of today's global citizens. The Dent platform utilizes DENT tokens for all transactions, ensuring transparency and security through the blockchain.

Securing the Dent Network

Dent is a platform that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and is built on the ERC-20 token standard. Instead of employing the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus model like Bitcoin, Dent adopts the proof-of-stake (PoS) approach. In this system, prominent stakeholders act as nodes and confirm transactions. The PoS consensus provides advantages such as enhanced scalability and decreased energy and computational resource usage. As a result, Dent has emerged as an innovative project among ERC-20 tokens introduced in 2017.

If you want to check out Dent coin (DENT), you can take a look at the latest DENT price on Binance, Deepcoin, Bybit, Bitrue, and Bitget.

Dent Pros and Cons


  • Revolutionizes the mobile communications and data services market.
  • Provides worldwide access to mobile airtime and data.
  • Removes roaming fees and introduces international mobile plans.
  • Transparent and secure transactions through DENT tokens.


  • Potentially limited adoption due to competition with traditional mobile carriers.
  • Reliance on Ethereum's network performance and scalability.

Dent Review

Dent is a groundbreaking digital mobile operator leveraging blockchain technology to offer global access to mobile airtime and data. By providing transparency and security through the use of DENT tokens, Dent distinguishes itself from traditional mobile carriers. As the company continues to expand and innovate, it could play a vital role in the future of mobile communications and data services.

It is also worth mentioning that the smart contract appears to have a mint function, based on our analysis review. This means that the contract owners can potentially mint tokens at will if they wished.

While these functions appear to be working properly, there is a chance they may cause security risks in the future. We aim to ensure you are aware of these features and decide on the level of risk you find acceptable.

Is Dent a Scam?

Dent doesn't show signs of it being a scam; it is a project that adds value to the space by seeking to revolutionize the mobile communications and data services industry. With its experienced team and innovative approach, Dent demonstrates its commitment to achieving its goals and providing users with a secure and reliable platform for accessing mobile airtime and data globally.

As is the case with any investment opportunity, prospective users and investors should make a habit of performing their own research (DYOR). Delving into the project, its team, and their objectives can help you appraise and offset risks prior to investing. The prevalence of scams within the crypto ecosystem highlights the importance of these practices in preventing poor investment choices.

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