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What Is carVertical (CV)?

carVertical is an innovative blockchain-based solution that revolutionizes the way vehicle history is recorded and accessed. By gathering extensive information about a car's history from various sources, carVertical aims to provide full transparency and build trust in the automotive industry. 

Sources of information include centralized country registries, police and Interpol databases, insurance, leasing, claims handling service databases, privately owned registries, paid APIs, and other sources. All this information is then securely stored in a tamper-proof blockchain registry, ensuring that the data cannot be changed, faked, rewritten, or manipulated.

The platform creates an environment where users grant permission to retrieve the data of the vehicles they own, further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the information. This decentralization and public accessibility of a car's history are the key reasons why carVertical chose to execute its project as a blockchain registry.

In addition to being a secure vehicle history registry, carVertical utilizes machine learning and advanced mathematical models to calculate the real value of a vehicle based on its history. The company is committed to moving towards full decentralization and preserving transparency by open-sourcing most of its elements.

If you're interested in purchasing carVertical at its current rate, the primary cryptocurrency exchange for trading carVertical shares is currently KuCoin.

carVertical Price And Founders

carVertical was founded by a team of passionate and experienced professionals, including Rokas Medonis, Audrius Kučinskas, and Justas Šaltinis. Their vision for creating a transparent and decentralized vehicle history registry has led to the development of the carVertical platform, which has quickly gained recognition in the automotive industry.

The carVertical token (CV) is an integral part of the platform, allowing users to access comprehensive vehicle history reports and fueling the growth of the ecosystem. The price of the cV token is influenced by market dynamics and the overall demand for carVertical services. To check the current price of the cV token and its performance, potential investors can refer to popular cryptocurrency tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

What Makes carVertical Different

carVertical sets itself apart from other vehicle history providers through its unique approach to data collection, storage, and accessibility. A key differentiating factor is its use of blockchain-based technology, which ensures that vehicle history data stored in the registry is immutable, preventing any form of tampering, manipulation, or falsification. This guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided.

Another distinction is the comprehensive range of data sources carVertical gathers information from, including national registries, law enforcement databases, insurance companies, leasing services, and more. This approach ensures that the information collected is as extensive and reliable as possible. 

Unlike traditional vehicle history providers, carVertical offers a decentralized and publicly accessible platform, empowering users to access comprehensive vehicle history without relying on centralized authorities. This transparency fosters trust and confidence in the automotive market.

carVertical Pros And Cons


  • Trust and transparency: carVertical's blockchain-based registry ensures that vehicle history data is immutable and tamper-proof, promoting trust and transparency in the automotive industry.
  • Comprehensive data sources: By collecting information from various trusted sources, carVertical ensures that users have access to extensive and reliable vehicle history.
  • Advanced data analysis: carVertical uses machine learning and sophisticated mathematical models to determine the real value of a vehicle based on its history, offering a more accurate assessment compared to traditional valuation methods.


  • Market volatility: As with any cryptocurrency, the price of carVertical's token (CV) may be subject to market volatility, which could deter potential investors or users.
  • Adoption challenges: Despite its innovative approach, carVertical may face challenges in gaining widespread adoption, as the automotive industry is traditionally slow to embrace new technologies.

carVertical Review

Our analysis of the carVertical token reveals both encouraging aspects and potential risks associated with its smart contract. A function exists in the contract allowing the owner to regain ownership even after relinquishing it, which can be employed as a fallback security measure in case of a hack or to maintain privacy.

However, this feature enables contract owners to manipulate the contract, potentially affecting aspects such as buy and sell taxes for specific addresses. Despite these concerns, the function could be used non-maliciously to benefit certain users, by adjusting prices or facilitating early tax-free transactions.

Another aspect worth considering is whether the contract can limit the maximum amount of coins transferred per transaction. This capability could provide benefits but also introduce concerns about flexibility for users.

Is carVertical a Scam?

Upon examining the security analysis, carVertical does not appear to be a scam. It boasts a legitimate use case, focused on bringing trust and transparency to the automotive industry through its blockchain-based vehicle history registry. However, like any project, carVertical has some potential risks that should be considered.

One area of concern is the function allowing the contract owner to regain ownership even after relinquishing it. While this feature provides a security measure in emergencies and maintains privacy, it could also enable manipulation of the contract, affecting various aspects of the token's functionality. 

Despite these risks, it is essential to remember that scams can present themselves in different forms. Staying vigilant and informed about the latest market news and developments is the best way to protect oneself from potential scams. 

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