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What is Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)?

Artificial Liquid Intelligence is a research and development collective that aims to merge and build systems on two groundbreaking technologies: Generative AI and Blockchain. Their mission is to harness these technologies to enable democratic and decentralized ownership of AI, unlocking its full potential and ultimately benefiting humanity as a whole.

The AI Protocol serves as the property rights backbone of the Generative AI economy. It facilitates the creation, interoperability, and governance of AI Characters and Assets, which are the building blocks of tomorrow's intelligent world. The ALI Utility Token, an ERC-20 token native to the AI Protocol, plays a primary role in regulating, incentivizing, and rewarding the different participants of the AI Protocol.

Alethea AI is a proud contributor to the AI Protocol, partnering and collaborating with like-minded organizations to further develop and promote the AI Protocol's adoption.

You can also check Alethea tokens on Bitget, BingX, BitMart,, and Huobi.

Alethea AI Pros and Cons


  • Combines Generative AI and Blockchain for decentralized AI ownership
  • AI Protocol enables the creation and governance of AI Characters and Assets
  • ALI Utility Token incentivizes and rewards participants in the AI Protocol


  • Early-stage project with potential challenges in adoption and scaling
  • Complex technologies may require a steep learning curve for users

Alethea AI Review

Alethea AI is an innovative project that focuses on merging Generative AI and Blockchain technologies to enable decentralized ownership of AI. With the AI Protocol and the ALI Utility Token, Alethea AI aims to create a secure and trustless environment for the development, interoperability, and governance of AI Characters and Assets. The project's potential to revolutionize AI ownership and benefit humanity as a whole makes it an exciting prospect in the world of emerging technologies.

We also want to mention that our security review found that the smart contracts associated with the project have a mint function. While this seems to be used for the daily functionality of the project, it is worth pointing out to potential investors that this can be a security risk if somehow abused or used by bad actors in case of a hack.

Is Alethea AI a Scam?

There is no evidence to suggest that Alethea AI is a scam. The project operates at the forefront of Generative AI and Blockchain technologies, working towards decentralized AI ownership that could bring significant benefits to society.

As with any investment, potential users and investors should make it a habit to DYOR. Always make sure to review the project, its team, and its goals to help you assess and weigh the risks involved before making any commitment to invest in the project. Scams will always be present in the crypto space, which is why these practices are important in helping you stay away from bad plays and investment decisions.

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